These perks directly affect the fight.

Non-Combat Perks

Perk ListEdit

This list will include all perks, including religions and clans.

Personality perks

This is the third screen when starting a new game. Each of those perks unlocks others when leveling up.

  • Conservative: +15% stamina recovery speed while blocking.

Unlocks: Stubborn: +1 defense

  • Friendly: +20% defense recovery speed when opponent is not wounded

Unlocks: Loved by All: +3 defense when losing

  • Impulsive: +2 damage when not wounded

Unlocks: Impetuous: +6% speed for first 15 seconds

  • Loner: +3 defense vs. careful attack

Unlocks: Isolated: +10% defense recovery speed

  • Moody: +2 dominance when tired

Unlocks: Unpredictable: +4 damage at random intervals

  • Open-minded: +20% defense recovery speed when neither is winning

Unlocks: Never Underestimates: +20% defense recovery speed vs. opponents of lower level

  • Organized: +2 defense when not tired

Unlocks: Pattern-Finder: +4 dominance when opponent uses same attack at least 3 times in a row

  • Selfish: +40% defense recovery speed when opponent's defense broken

Unlocks: No Mercy: +3 dominance when winning

  • Social: +40% defense recovery speed when exhausted

Unlocks: Center of Attention: +5% glory

  • Stable: +1 stamina

Unlocks: Consistent to a Fault: +2 damage when using same attack at least 3 times in a row

First tier perks

  • Freed slave: +10% defense recovery speed
  • Warrior: +1 dominance
  • Trader: +50% money received
  • Thief: +3% speed
  • Hunter: +1 stamina
  • Fisherman: +1 health
  • Farmer: +1 defense
  • Craftsman: +1 damage
  • Fighting style - defensive: +2 defense while blocking
  • Fighting style - balanced: +2 dominance to fast attack
  • Fighting style - agressive: +2 damage to power attack

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