Your mother believes its about time you got married and urges you to do so for the hundredth time. If you accept the quest by saying "Do you have someone in mind?", she will then direct you to an Elk clan woman named Fallow, who is the daughter of the Elk clan chieftan. She is, according to your mother "... the fairest maiden you'll ever see and from a noble family." She is currently available for marriage, but you are told to hurry, due to there being a horde of suitors. If you choose to say "No, I'm not interested.", the quest will end and nothing will come of it. If you choose the option "Go court Fallow", you will travel to the chieftan's house and find thirty other suitors competing for her hand. The chieftan will greet you warmly and welcome you to his house, but warns you that his daughter is the most beloved creature to him and that no harm should come to her. Pressing "Continue", he will then tell you you are allowed to see her, but warns that she has a mind of her own and that no amount of glory or silver can buy her and that the ladies of the house are keen to mocking those she finds unworthy. If you choose to "Return home", the quest will end, but a follow up quest "Uninvited to a wedding" might be triggered (Verification needed). If you choose to "Go meet Fallow", she will express her disinterest in marrying you, due to not knowing you (regardless of how much glory you have) and so on. She will then command you to leave. You then have the option to "Apologize and leave" or to say "Well I dont like you either!". Both options segway to the same follow up and there is no difference between them.You will then leave Fallow's presence and on your way out, the ladies of the house will mock you. Here the options branch off to different story lines.

You then have the 2 options of either threatening the women or ignoring them. Assuming you choose to fight in the 2nd option and you defeat the enemy, both options will eventually segway to the same follow up.

Option 1: If you choose to ignore the women, you will segway to the common follow up.

Option 2: If you choose to "Threaten the women", the women will begin to unafraidly mock you even louder and one of the other suitors will challenge you to a duel. If you choose to shamefully "Flee to home", I'm guessing the quest will end and the follow up quest "Uninvited to a wedding" will be triggered (Verification needed). If you choose to "Fight the rival suitor", you will fight a moderately hard enemy. After defeating the rival, you will then segway to the common follow up.

In the common follow up you will now be leaving the chieftan's house. If you choose to "Return home", the quest will end and the follow up quest "Uninvited to a wedding" will be triggered. If you choose to "Kidnap Fallow", you will then wait for Fallow to be alone and declare to her that you are stealing her to be your wife. She replies asking "What makes you think I would go along with it?". Here the options branch off to different story lines.

There are then 3 options. Option 1: saying "Let's give love a chance", option 2: saying " I will offer a good home." and option 3: saying " I offer adventure and glory".

Option 1: Choosing this option will lead her to agreeing, but on condition that she learns to love you by the time you two reach your home. If you have a personality other than "Social", you will then travel home and on the way you will say nothing to each other. She will then say that she feels that you're a good guy, but she's still not interested in marrying you. If you have the personality "Social", you will travel home together and get to know each other on the way. When you reach home she will say she has come to love you and she'll agree to marrying you.

Option 2: Choosing this option will make her think you're funny and agree to marrying you on condition your home is better than hers. Here the amount of upgrades on your home decides whether she accepts you for marriage or not. I don't know the exact amount of improvement needed to convince her, but upgrading everything once (except the gate) and the main building, food storage and practice grounds/christian worship place/pagan worship place twice will meet the requirements (Verification needed). Arriving home, Fallow will then proceed to investigate your home. If it meets her standards, she will marry you and if not, she will call your house a shack and reject marrying you.

Option 3: Choosing this option will have her reply to you, saying that she is wise to your kind who promises adventure and that she will not fall for it. She will then call for her brother to stop you. Here you are forced to face her brother who is a hard enemy. I recommend that beginners avoid this option due to the difficulty of the fight with the brother. After defeating the brother, Fallow will manage to escape your grasp.

Failing option 1 or 2 and passing option 3 will end the quest and trigger the follow up quest "Uninvited to a wedding". Passing option 1 and 2 will get Fallow to marry you. Getting Fallow to marry you will prompt her to ask you how big of a wedding you want. Here you have 3 options:

Option 1: Small wedding. Costs nothing. Rewards 100 Glory (Verification needed).

Option 2: Large wedding. Costs 100 money. Rewards 300 Glory.

Option 3: Huge wedding. Costs 400 money.Rewards 1000 Glory.